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Stories 2: The lives of people, in and outside construction sites - Giulia Sarni, Technical Department Employee, Terzo Valico Project



"I like the construction site because I think it is the heart of a project: changeable, full of unexpected events and problems to be solved".

Giulia Sarni - Technical Department Employee - tells us about her experience in the Webuild construction site of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi-Genoa Junction One Project. Fears and wonders of when she started the life in the site and how she managed to reconcile it with her own personal life.

"I was afraid that it could be a hostile environment for a young woman like me. In reality, I immediately felt at ease, I was very well received by people of great experience, all far from home, but united by the same passion for work"

You can find out more about the project here

Stories Giulia Sarni, Terzo Valico

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