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Stories 2: The lives of people, in and outside construction sites - Vincenzo Cortelli, Foreman, Terzo Valico Project


Stories: le persone dentro e fuori i cantieri - Vincenzo Cortelli, Terzo Valico - Nodo di Genova

"When I enter the tunnel I feel at home. I started this work on the construction site in Libya with Impregilo. It was hard in the desert.

Working on the construction site means building a team, a family, covering one's back. It's a job you have to love, you need to feel it in your blood. Someday I will miss the noise, the bolt, the hammer.

I celebrated my 42nd year of work in the construction site. I've been part of the Webuild Group for 25 years ".

Vincenzo Cortelli, Terzo Valico dei Giovi Project Foreman

Stories Vincenzo Cortelli, Terzo Valico

Information material - Bridge project over the Strait of Messina
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