Stories 2: The lives of people, in and outside construction sites - Leonardo Micucci, Foreman, Terzo Valico



"Everyone needs to put the worksite first, and once that happens, the worksite needs to deliver, it needs to produce. Italy’s high speed train network was designed exclusively for travel from city to city, whreareas what we are doing here are detours that will lead to an intermodal transport hub, at Tortona. This is the first time in Italian history that a high-speed train line terminates in a commercial district.

The Terzo Valico is a great work: large excavations, large perforations, large carpentry works.

I have been part of the Webuild Group for 25 years: a life spent on the construction site. It's nice to see a work you create together, with others. We did it around Italy and around the world ".

Leonardo Micucci, Arquata Scrivia Foreman – Terzo Valico dei Giovi.

Stories Leonardo Micucci, Terzo Valico

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