Supply chain and people

The largest Italian construction site due to its supply chain

Filiera Terzo Valico

Terzo Valico dei Giovi - Genoa Junction project: a great driving force that creates employment


During these last years, the Genoa-Milan HC railway was a huge driver for creating new jobs.

Approximately 5 thousand people worked on the project: a huge number of qualified personnel (engineers, technicians, and workers). Due the fact that this work spread over a vast and diverse territory, 7 base camps between Liguria and Piedmont were purposely created. They became the HQs of the 12 industrial construction sites of this huge work.

Building the Terzo Valico is a coral effort that saw thousands of workers participating, with companies that supplied the raw materials and products required for the project. The Terzo Valico represents the largest Italian construction site of a supply chain: overall, 2,500 supply chain companies and sub-suppliers since the start of works to this day provided their skills and absolute know-how.

99% of these companies are Italian, and the majority (1,800) are from Northern Italy, 400 from Central Italy and 300 from the South. Their contribution is determining to create the work. This goes from waterproofing  tunnels, to supplying and installing prefabricated structures, to searching for war explosive devices: all things done before the construction sites were actually populated. These companies, coordinated by the Webuild Group, shaped this huge construction effort that during these past years allowed pushing the work towards its near completion.

HowWebuild: Energy that drives Webuild's construction sites - Episode 4

Innovazione e spirito di squadra per rilanciare il Paese

Al lavoro accanto al Gruppo Webuild è impegnata una filiera di fornitori rappresentata da oltre 2.500 imprese e 5.000 persone

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aziende fornitrici e subfornitrici della filiera

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persone impiegate tra Webuild e supply chain

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aziende della filiera del territorio italiano

Stories: The lives of people, in and outside construction sites

Our people in and outside construction sites where the "Terzo Valico dei Giovi" is built, are protagonists of the 2nd edition of our video documentary series

A project that contributes to Italy's sustainable growth

A project that contributes to Italy's sustainable growth

The Terzo Valico dei Giovi - Genova Junction - One Project is a project that pays great attention to sustainability, both in the construction phases and during use. It contributes to significantly reducing CO2 emissions, thanks to the road-rail transport shift.

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Supply chain and people

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